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East Africa


ERCE has been involved in East Africa for over 30 years, with our staff undertaking prospectivity reviews, seismic acquisition studies and basin modelling across countries such as Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia.

In recent years, as new petroleum plays have emerged, ERCE has worked with clients in their exploration and appraisal of the onshore Rift Valley oil play in Uganda and Kenya, and the offshore Tanzanian/ Mozambique gas play.

We have also worked with clients in the modelling of cyclic steam stimulation and steamflood for heavy oil assets with our alliance Unconventional expert, GLJ.

Tsimiroro Field – CSS & Steamflood, Madagascar

Tsimiroro Field Map
  • The Tsimiroro heavy oil field is located onshore Madagascar.
  • A long term pilot project was conducted by the operator, Madagascar Oil, to evaluate oil recovery via Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) and Steamflooding.
  • ERCE worked with our unconventional associate firm GLJ Petroleum Consultants, to evaluate the production potential of the field.
  • ERCE/GLJ peer reviewed the petrophysical and geological modelling, built static and dynamic models to history match the pilot wells, and generated predictive forecasts for future wells accounting for reservoir uncertainty.
  • Our work was used in the submission of the FDP to the government of Madagascar, which was approved in 2015.