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North Africa


ERCE’s experience in North Africa has both operational and consultancy roots. David Wilson and Simon McDonald operated Tunisian Carbonate fields as CEO and Engineering Manager of Atlantis Oil in the 1990’s. A number of our staff have worked for operators in Northern Africa.

Our work has ranged from integrated Field Development studies in complex Algerian sandstone fields, extensive work in Libya, RBL advisory and M&A studies in onshore and offshore Egypt and Tunisia to high C02 development studies in Tunisia and prospect studies in Morocco.

Zarat Field – Fractured Carbonate, Offshore Tunisia

Zarat Field Map
  • In our role as auditors of PA Resources from 2012-2015, ERCE evaluated the Zarat fractured carbonate field, offshore Tunisia.
  • The field has several unique aspects, including high CO2 content.
  • In our evaluation of the Contingent Resources for the field, we evaluated subsurface and production uncertainties, development concepts and potential cash flows.