UK Natural Gas Futures Curve

The UK NBP Futures Curve is the agreed price at present for natural gas at a specific date in the future. Change the plot to display historical data regarding UK NBP Futures Curves by clicking “Historical Futures Curve Data”.

The Futures Curve is not a forecast of future spot prices.

A futures contract is a standardised, exchanged traded agreement wherein a buyer takes delivery of a specified quantity of commodity from a seller at a pre-set price for a delivery date in the future. The futures curve shows the price that a commodity can be sold/bought at in the future at a price agreed at the present time or in the past.

There are many factors that can affect oil and gas prices. Some of these include the changing dynamics of supply and demand, the amount and cost of storage available, changes in interest rates, fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, marginal cost of supply, assessment of geopolitical risk and supply shock and the market opinion and expectation and may more influences.

ERCE considers The UK NBP Futures Curves in work carried out by its oil and gas commercial modelling group.