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Where energy is evolving

The beginnings of our name go back to the early 1970s when we first started working within subsurface consulting in the oil and gas industry.

ERCE, formerly ERC Equipoise Ltd., was created in 2010, when ERC Energy Resource Consultants Ltd (ERC) and Equipoise Solutions Ltd (Equipoise) merged. This followed a long history of technical cooperation and partnership.

ERC and Equipoises’ relationship first began in the late 1970’s when David Wilson of the original ERC first worked with Don Scott of Scott Pickford Group on the privatisations of BritOil, Enterprise Oil and British Gas.

After years of working together, it became increasingly evident that an integrated model would strengthen the technical team and offer opportunities to build upon the combined company’s strengths.

In 2015 ERC Equipoise established a full technical team in Singapore to better service a fast-growing Asia-Pacific energy market.

Following a period of significant growth in our team and technical capabilities, the bold decision was taken to re-energise our company brand. To reflect the diversity of skills and services we are now able to offer clients, the company was renamed ERCE, with a contemporary new logo to match.

ERC Energy Resource Consultants

In 1977, David was a founding shareholder of the original ERC Energy Resource Consultants Limited and was joined by Simon in 1985. Both David and Simon played a key role in driving ERC to becoming the UK’s premier company for the delivery of independent reports on oil and gas assets.

In 1994, the original ERC was taken over by Petroleum GeoServices AS (PGS) and the brand name was retired. In 1996, under the ownership of PGS, David set up an oil and gas company called Atlantis Holding Norway AS. Simon joined Atlantis shortly after. The company had operations in the United Arab Emirates, Oman and offshore Tunisia. Both left the employment of PGS/Atlantis after the sale of Atlantis in early 2003.

In late 2003, David and Simon joined forces again to re-launch ERC Energy Resource Consultants Limited, and provided reservoir evaluation services to the international petroleum industry under that name until the merger with Equipoise in 2010.

Equipoise Solutions

In 1977 Don Scott co-founded the geophysical firm Scott Pickford, where he also served as Chairman and Technical Director. As with ERC Energy Resource Consultants, Don worked on the privatisation processes of Britoil, Enterprise and British Gas.

Over the years, Scott Pickford became an industry leader in unitisation and redeterminations and Don led teams involved in many of the key expert process in the global oil and gas industry during the 1980’s and 1990’s.

After Scott Pickford was acquired by CoreLab in 1998, Don Scott, along with Charles Wood and Mark Holliday, started Equipoise Solutions (Equipoise). The idea was to take advantage of the rapid movement to desktop based G&G software. Equipoise quickly established themselves as recognised experts in areas such as depth modelling and uncertainty, seismic processing and modelling, and field and prospect evaluation and ranking. A close relationship was also formed with SMT Seismic Micro-Technology, the makers of the Kingdom Suite and they were early adopters of Petrel for appraisal and development projects. They also continued to provide expert advisory services with respect to determination processes.

Adam Law joined Equipoise in 2003 and the company developed a dynamic and youthful team supported by the experienced leadership and undertook a wide range of projects worldwide.