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ERCE at the RIU Resurgence Conference in Perth


In September, ERCE supported the energy industry in one of our key markets of Australia by sponsoring The Energy & Minerals Seminar. The Seminar was part of the RIU Resurgence Conference in Perth, Western Australia, which incorporated several events across Australia which been postponed due to the impact of COVID-19, including the Good Oil Conference.

Even with the current global and inter-state travel restrictions there was a good turn-out at the seminar with refreshments enjoyed by attendees. ERCE’s Australia team based in Western Australia were also able to attend in person. In addition, there was a large online contingent.

At the event, ERCE also announced their Perth Basin report which will be released in Q4 this year. Keep a look out for more ERCE events and informative releases on our website and Linked In.