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ERCE to Teach PESGB Night School Course

Dr Tina Lohr will be giving a course on Structural Geology at the PESGB Night School.

The PESGB Night School course is designed to provide a basic understanding about concepts and applications of structural geology, ranging from salt tectonics, extensional & compressional tectonics to fractured reservoirs. Tina will show numerous examples from seismic and outcrop data and explain how those structures have formed and how stress and strain develop at different scales. Typical seismic interpretation pitfalls will be shown and their implications on prospect mapping and model building discussed.

This one-day course will be given online and spread over 4 evening sessions. It costs only £85 for PESGB members. Sign up today!

ERCE Structural Reconstruction

ERCE are committed to specialist Structural Geology education at UK Institutions such as the PESGB and Universities that we have close relationships with. Our active engagement with these institutions allows us to contribute to the professional development of future specialists in our industry.

For more information about how ERCE supports society and university education in the UK with respect to the oil and gas industry or to find out how we can provide Structural Geology support, including interpretation and modelling, please contact Tina Lohr.

Dr Tina Lohr

Tina is an expert in structural geology and has 17 years of experience in seismic interpretation, structural modelling and regional basin analysis.  She leads ERCE’s Integrated Seismic Interpretation Group.