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Experts in Well Test Analysis: ERCE Working with Bill Roberts

Bill Roberts

Principal Associate Well Test Engineer

Mr Bill Roberts, one of the industry’s foremost well testing experts, has just completed an analysis of the pressure response of a well test in a complex, fractured, low porosity gas field. This work is a critical input to the assessment of the resources of the field that is being undertaken by ERCE on behalf of a client. Numerous well models were assessed as part of Bill’s brief so as to guide the interpretations of the other sub-surface members of the ERCE team in their work defining the reservoir model and the uncertainty in the quantum of resources.

Bill’s career spans 40 years. during which time he has analysed pressure tests in over 500 wells and dozens of individual pressure buildups or falloffs in some long term producing or injecting wells. His experience extends to wells drilled in most of the world’s petroleum provinces.

Bill has been teaching well testing and pressure transient analysis at the IFP RGE Master’s programme since 2005. He is acknowledged as one of the leading experts in the world in pressure transient analysis (“PTA”) and well test design.

Should you have a need for the services of Bill, either for a standalone PTA problem or as part of an integrated team which could be provided by ERCE contact us here.