ERCE was pleased to continue our teaching involvement on the Petroleum Engineering MSc at Imperial College London.
Posted by ERCE on Fri, 01/17/2020 - 13:16

Thomas Enos (Reservoir Engineer), assisted by Rhod Phillips (Head of Engineering), taught a module in decline curve analysis (“DCA”) to the Petroleum Engineering MSc students at Imperial College London.

The half-day long course gives an introduction to DCA with a focus practical examples. It covers the theory of DCA, best practice, and mistakes to avoid. The course also involved a number of example exercises that included the students constructing their own spreadsheet models to best fit decline curves to observed production data.

Decline Curve Analysis

ERCE are committed to specialist Reservoir Evaluation education at UK Universities that we have close relationships with. Our active engagement with academic institutions allows us to contribute to the professional development of future specialists in our industry.

For more information about how ERCE supports university education in the UK with respect to the oil and gas industry or to find out how we can provide reservoir engineering support, please contact Thomas Enos.

Thomas Enos has been with ERCE for two years as a Reservoir Engineer. Thomas holds both a BSc in Geophysics and an MSc in Petroleum Engineering from Imperial College London.