Tina Lohr has been part of a group researching remote sensing applications to the Zagros Mountains, Iran.
Posted by Holly Owen on Tue, 04/02/2019 - 12:20

ERCE have been pleased to support our Structural Geologist Dr Tina Lohr as she announces the publication of her most recent paper: ‘Remote sensing applications in the Fars Region of the Zagros Mountains of Iran’. The paper is the result of a collaboration between Tina and our friends from CGG's NPA Satellite Mapping.

It is a contribution within the Geological Society Special Publication ‘SP490 Fold and Thrust Belts: Structural Style, Evolution and Exploration’ which will be available in print soon. The publication follows the Petroleum Group Conference 'Fold and Thrust Belts: Structural Style, Evolution and Exploration' which was hosted as the Geological Society of London in October/November 2017.

The paper can be purchased online here now.