ERCE invited Francis Cram from Mapstand to present on the latest version of their interactive oil and gas mapping software
Posted by ERCE on Mon, 03/30/2020 - 11:11

As part of our in-house training program, ERCE hosts weekly Wednesday lectures where staff and guest speakers present on new techniques, software and tools to ensure we keep our skillsets at the leading edge of the industry. This week Francis Cram from Mapstand presented to us virtually on the capabilities of their interactive oil and gas mapping software and how they keep up to date on industry news.

Mapstand itself has official datasets for over 40 countries which are automatically updated daily from source. Datasets include information on licences and concessions, wells, fields and prospects facilities, seismic and rig tracking. It also hosts a fast growing E & P community where you can create profiles linked to your experiences and relevant news is easily accessible as all news posts are geo-tagged.

ERCE is looking forward to utilising Mapstand on future projects and supporting them where possible as they continue to grow.

Mapstand Software

In 2018 Francis founded MapStand – a technology business aimed at solving many of the issues companies face in analysing the activities of the upstream oil and gas industry. One key aim was to build a business that maintained an open access interactive global map so anyone anywhere could easily and quickly track the industry with news and company assets for free. MapStand launched their mapping platform at the end of 2019 and today, as well as the location of licences, wells, fields, infrastructure layers, and seismic datasets MapStand has a thriving user community who can leverage their profiles and experiences on the map.

Francis, CEO and Founder of MapStand, started his career in the oil industry in 2001 as a technical assistant at Equipoise, now ERCE. This was the beginning of a journey that has always been about maps.  Back then it was mainly hand digitizing on a tablet and now at MapStand he makes webmaps and visualizations of the global E&P industry. Francis went on to study Geology at Bristol and Petroleum Geoscience at Manchester University before joining Core Laboratories as a Geologist. In 2009 Francis joined a start-up oil company, Hansa Hydrocarbons, focussing on the Southern North Sea.  Over the next 9 years Hansa built a portfolio of assets across the UK, Netherlands, Germany and Denmark with exploration success at the Ruby well in in the Netherlands in 2017 a key highlight.

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