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ERCE Energy Review Q3 2019

Providing numerical insights and commentary on the oil & gas sector and the wider energy industry.

Q3 Energy Review

The Q3 2019 edition of the ERCE Energy Review, a quarterly that provides numerical insights and commentary on the oil and gas sector and the wider energy industry, is now available.

This issue covers:

  • Oil & Natural Gas Trading prices
  • Brent Future Oil Price Decks
  • Oil Market Activity & Fundamentals
  • Renewables and changes in wind and solar power from 2017 to 2018

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Who is ERCE?

ERCE is the United Kingdom’s leading employee-owned Oil and Gas Reservoir Evaluation firm. Headquartered in London with a growing office supporting the Asia-Pacific region out of Singapore.

At ERCE we specialise in all areas of upstream energy analysis. Our privately owned status enables us to give truly independent insights whilst working on reserves evaluation, commercial analysis, unitisation/expert services and technical studies.

Brent Crude Forecast

Nominal Brent Crude Forecast by Consultants, Lenders Vs. Brent Historical and Futures Curve (ERCE Q3 2019 Energy Review)

Harmony. Oil demand in all regions except Central and South America were at 5 year highs during Q2. Concerns about supply distribution in the Middle East are balanced by concerns about a future slow down in demand for oil. US production continued to grow. The result is a relatively stable oil price over the past quarter.

Big Dipper. UK and European gas prices hit their lowest levels in the past 6 years, as LNG from America and Africa dominate the market.

The Last Song. Venezuela Crude production drops below 1MMstb/d.

Electricity. In this issue of our renewables section, ERCE looks at what has changed in global electricity supplies from wind and solar, comparing 2017 to 2018.