Meet our Peer Review Group

Simon McDonald CEng SPEE

Founder Director

Simon McDonald is a founder of ERCE and is a Director of Engineering. Since 1976 Simon has worked as a Petroleum Engineer and Engineering Manager for Shell International Petroleum and Atlantis, and has worked in consultancy as Managing Director of the original ERC Resource Consultants in the late 1980s and 1990s, as well as the restart of ERC in 2003.

Simon has been exposed to virtually all reservoir types within Europe, Africa and Asia. He is able to draw upon his experience as a manager in both E&P and consulting companies to identify both causes of concern and solutions to unique and demanding challenges. Field experience from international assignments in Europe and the Arabian Gulf while with Shell, and in the UAE, Oman and Tunisia while with Atlantis gives him a practical view of petroleum operations. His experience enables him to bridge the gap between technical and commercial considerations and he has worked extensively for clients as their reporting engineer to banking syndicates, during external financing processes.

Dr Adam Law FGS SPEE


Dr. Adam Law is a founder and Managing Director of ERCE. Since 1994 he has gained extensive experience both as an operator and as a consultant. Adam worked as a Geoscientist for Amerada Hess and as a Geophysicist for British Gas, prior to joining Equipoise Solutions as a Principal Geoscientist in 2003. Adam served as a Director of Geoscience at ERCE until his appointment as Managing Director in 2016.

Adam has worked in a variety of basins around the world and has been involved in all aspects of geoscience analysis, from frontier exploration to field rehabilitation. In recent years he has led the geological and geophysical evaluation of some of largest discoveries in the world, including the onshore Rajasthan field in India, and the offshore Jubilee field in Ghana. At ERCE, Adam is a project manager for acquisition and divestment assistance, and reserves auditing.

Adam is a registered Auditor with the SPEE and certifies reports for a number of stock exchanges as a Competent Person. He holds a PhD in Geophysics from Cambridge University, and a Bachelor of Science in Exploration Geophysics from London University. He is also a former Officer of the Geological Society of London, and has been a member of the Council of the PESGB. He is currently Honorary Treasurer of the Science Council.

Sean McQuaid

Principal Geophysicist

Sean McQuaid has been with ERCE since its inception and is the Geophysics Director. Sean has worked with operators and consulting groups since 1985, including time spent with BP, LFP Seismic Ltd., which he founded, Ensign Geophysics Ltd., and Geotrace.

Advanced seismic analysis requires an understanding of rock physics. It impacts on choices around seismic acquisition and reprocessing, and requires difficult decisions to be made about how the seismic experiment should best be interpreted. Sean’s extensive background in this area is important in our technical advisory work,  when generating CPRs and in Expert projects. In recent years Sean has also served as an expert witness in court proceedings and in ERCE’s work in Redetermination proceedings.

Sean hold a Master’s of Business Administration from City University Business School and a Bachelor of Arts in Physics from Oxford University (Holroyd Scholar). He is a member of the SEG, EAGE and PESGB.

Steve Griffiths

Head of Reserves and Valuation

Steve is responsible for Reserves Evaluation & Audit. Since 1984 he has worked as Petroleum Engineer in consulting companies, Oil & Gas operators and in corporate finance. Before joining ERCE in 2018, Steve was Technical Leader Oil & Gas Advisory with Deloitte’s Corporate Finance team in London, providing Subject Matter Expertise to Deloitte clients involved in oil & gas Merger, Acquisition & Divestiture, Valuations and Consulting activities globally. Prior to this Steve was with the BG group for 10 years the last of which were as Global Head of Reservoir Engineering, a Principal Engineer at Schlumberger and Petrofina and he was also part of the original Energy resource Consultants (ERC) team.

Steve has an M.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering from Imperial College, and is a member of the Petroleum Working Group of the United Nations Expert Group on Resource Classification