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Meet our Principals

Glyn Pugh FGS

Principal Geoscientist

Glyn Pugh has been with ERCE since its inception and is a Director of Geoscience. Glyn brings extensive experience in the fields of seismic interpretation, velocity modelling, depth conversion and volumetric evaluation. Since joining the industry in 1995, he has worked at Badley Ashton and Lasmo, Equipoise Solutions and ERCE.

Glyn is widely known in the industry for his knowledge of velocity modelling, and lectures on depth conversion at Imperial College London and industry courses. He is well versed in the assessment of structural and reservoir model uncertainty using both multi-deterministic and geostatistical methods honed through exploration, development, audit and equity support/submission/expert roles. Glyn also works with several operators, representing their geophysical interests at partner group meetings through to the international government level.

Glyn holds a Bachelor of Science in Geology and Applied Geology (Geophysics) from the University of Glasgow (also awarded the Joseph Black Medal). He also gained a Masters Degree in Petroleum Geology from Aberdeen University and is a Fellow of the Geological Society of London.

Chris Priddis

Principal Economist

Chris is a Petroleum Economist with extensive experience of valuation and economic analysis. Previously Chris has worked for LR Senergy, where he was part of the CPR and M&A team, and a number of investment banks, including Merrill Lynch Bank of America, UBS and BNP Paribas Securities Services.

Chris will be leading the growth of our Economics and Costs Group (ECG), and in addition will look after all economic modelling and valuation within ERCE.

Craig Osborne

Principal Reservoir Modeller

Dr. Craig Osborne has been with ERCE since its inception, and works as a Principal Reservoir Modeller on our team, specialising in Petrel. Craig started in the petroleum industry in 1997, and in his career has worked for Scott Pickford and Equipoise Solutions.

Craig has worked on projects across the globe including ones based out of Africa, Europe, the FSU and Asia. He has developed Petrel models for use in licensing rounds, Equity Expert Projects and reserves and resource analysis for the stock market and A&D purposes. Craig’s Petrel experience gives him an understanding of the strengths and pitfalls of computer reservoir modelling, which are important when either developing models for clients, or in auditing third party models.

Craig holds a PhD in Geology from Cardiff University, a Master’s of Science in Petroleum Geophysics from Birmingham University and a Bachelor of Science in Geology from Durham University. He is a member of the PESGB, EAGE and Geological Society of London.

Andy Allison

Principal Geoscientistr

Andy joined ERCE in 2011 and has almost 20 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry. He has been a central part to the velocity modelling, depth conversion and uncertainty analysis group of the company. His experience encompasses standalone depth conversion studies, the volumetric calculation for audit and reserves reporting and as part of integrated field development teams. He also has experience in prospect generation for licence round block evaluation and application and also general block evaluation for acquisition.

Previous experience comprised working on production and engineering issues on a major Iraqi field whilst an independent contractor at BP. Prior to this Andy was responsible for training and advising on the full spectrum of work flows at Seismic Micro Technology. Whilst at Schlumberger he was involved in data management and software support. He gained his initial geosciences training at Scott Pickford where he was involved in data management but also in the creation of regional non-exclusive projects in the North Sea as a Geologist performing wire line interpretation on non-exclusive North Sea Projects.

David Gorsuch

Principal Reservoir Engineer

David Gorsuch is a reservoir engineer with 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. He has worked as a practicing engineer on oil and gas fields all over the world including the North Sea, onshore Europe and Russia, Africa, the Middle East, the Americas and Australia. He has also been involved in the design and development of software intended to support the work of geoscientists and engineers, principally the Schlumberger products Petrel, ECLIPSE and INTERSECT. His specific areas of expertise are integrated reservoir modelling and the appropriate application of software to solution of geoscience and reservoir engineering problems.

Matteo Caniggia

Principal Reservoir Engineer

Matteo has joined ERCE in late 2014. In his role as a Principal Reservoir Engineer, he is mainly involved in reserves audit work and valuation projects. For the reserves audits, he has worked on UK and East Africa assets at a different scale of maturity. Concerning the valuation projects, he is involved in due-diligence for some of our clients and full portfolio valuation, covering the technical side and supporting the economic team. Matteo has completed detailed studies in the Falkland Island area. He also heads ERCE annual audit of Idemitsu UK and is the lead Reservoir Engineer on our annual Cairn audits.

Paul Taylor CEng

Head of Reserves and Resources

Paul is an experienced Chartered Petroleum Engineer with excellent managerial, technical and commercial skills.

He enjoys varied and challenging work, which adds value and is underpinned by sound integrated teamwork. He has applied his reservoir engineering knowledge to resource/reserves audits and independent evaluations and has been responsible for numerous competent person’s reports over the last 10 years. Prior to working as a consultant, he worked for several independents and a major operator with significant worldwide experience across all aspects of the E&P business – exploration, appraisal, new developments, mature fields, operatorship, acquisitions and divestments.

Dawn Houliston

Principal Petrophysicist

Dawn Houliston joined ERCE in 2017. Prior to this, Dawn worked at BP for 9 years, developing significant experience in exploration, appraisal and development projects.  She has offshore operational experience including open and cased hole wireline log witnessing, LWD witnessing and core witnessing. During her time at BP, she garnered an extensive experience of planning data acquisition programmes and providing QC and quick look interpretations of petrophysical data.

Dawn has experience in clastic, carbonate and unconventional reservoirs, including fractured reservoirs, developed from her time at ERCE and BP.  Dawn has experience in thin-bed petrophysics, shaly sand petrophysics, low resistivity pay, as well as challenging mixed lithology reservoirs.

Dawn is a Chartered Geologist with the Geological Society of London and is the current, and first female, President of the London Petrophysical Society.