Providing unparalleled Unitisation and Oil and Gas Expert Witness services

Technical excellence, a thorough understanding of procedures and the ability to  evaluate points of argument critically have made ERCE a successful Expert since 1982. Utilising our multi-disciplinary and specialist skillsets our team strives to ensure success for our clients.

Our in-depth understanding of court, regulatory hearing and arbitration proceedings comes from providing independent opinions in over 30 major disputes within the oil and gas industry over the last 30 years.

We understand that each Expert project is unique and as such offer a bespoke service to our clients. Previously we have acted in the following rolls as part of Expert projects:

  • Expert in Unitisation and Redetermination Proceedings
  • Provided Expert Advisory services for companies preparing for Unitisation and Redetermination proceedings
  • Expert Witness in arbitration and court proceedings; relating to subsurface and commercial evaluations
ERCE Expert Unitisation & Redetermination

Our experience in Oil and Gas Expert Witness projects and Fair Market Valuations has helped us understand that Expert processes are more than just technical and commercial analysis. As a result, ERCE provide a broad range of assistance to our Oil & Gas, Legal and Accountancy clients including:

  • Detailed Expert Submissions as part of preliminary submissions to court
  • Plan of action during hot tubbing procedures
  • Joint Memoranda to the court, post hot tubbing
  • Supplemental questions for the opposing experts, and responses to the opposing experts, prior to the hearing
  • Presentational material for proceedings, designed for the layman
  • Witness statements
  • Where required, preparation of a Scott Schedule for court

Our clients range from independent Oil Companies to Supermajors, Governments, NOC’s and the Courts of Arbitration. Recent Expert projects that we have worked on have included Fair Market Valuations for cases before the High Court of Justice in the UK and proceedings under the Arbitration Act of New Zealand. These particular projects utilised our Expert experience in assessing the impact of commodity pricing, market conditions, M&A trends and the detailed technical aspects of assets.

For more information about how we can assist you on Expert projects please contact us.